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Company introduction

Haojue furniture factory located in China's furniture manufacturing center, China furniture material capital of Shunde, Longjiang. Is specializing in bar chairs, leisure chairs, folding table and other furniture manufacturers, factory was established in 1992, the existing plant area of more than 35000 square meters, the staff more than 300 people. A large plastic injection molding machine, CNC automatic lathe and mold machining center, CNC plasma cutting machine production equipment, various automation.

Design and development of Haojue furniture has always been committed to new furniture, but also pay special attention to the environmental performance of products, bring forth the new through the old bar chair, bar, leisure chairs, folding chairs, folding table styles is one of the domestic furniture design more avant-garde, also a peer trend setters, enjoy a certain visibility and credibility at home and abroad, our products are sold in Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, the United States, Brazil and other countries in the world.

Haojue furniture into a more mature, stable in the test of time, keep the focus on the original, in the development process of modern furniture, leading the trend, constantly surpass, the breakthrough and the innovation concept, achieve symbiotic, sharing, and the principle of. Welcome to business, to inquire!

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