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The thirty-nine China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair - Sound Designer assembly

The polymerization front of international and Chinese furniture and interior design group, integrated design, process technology, production and other fields, the thirty-first China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair will be the size of 680000 square meters, more than 3500 exhibitors at home and abroad, has not the same design feast for the audience, with you to explore the contemporary interior space design and the furniture product design changes and trends.

Furniture Fair in Guangzhou, you can see the classicism and modernism here passion collision, the Oriental elements and exotic add radiance and beauty to each other, minimalism and European style luxury complex as an equal, the avant-garde design personalized eye-catching at the same time, suddenly look back will see pragmatism show the simple life of beauty in the low-key. Whether you are engaged in decoration design, hotel design or interior design of public buildings, you can find what you want, the material inspiration here.

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